Learning to breathe IS the easiest way to help you relax

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About a year ago, when I ran a few trigger ball workshops around Adelaide I always put an emphasis on how breathing correctly can make a HUGE impact on just how you feel in general and how effective your trigger ball and foam rolling sessions are.

Think about it, when you’re stressed out or in a panic where does your breath go? Up to you’re chest right? And when you’re relaxed or relieved it goes down to your hips/belly. It just feels good!

When you’re foam rolling (or trying to get your muscles to relax) wouldn’t it make a lot of sense to breathe into your belly to help with that? Of course!

It’s harder than you think though.

That’s why I recommend doing a just few minutes of breathing practice BEFORE your workout or foam rolling. Not will this improve your breathing but also your body will be in a much more relaxed state…this will make it a lot easier to help relax into your foam roller or trigger ball….thus saving you time.

That’s why I always included this at the start of my workshops.

If you look below there is a great tutorial video on just how to do this.

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We breathe 24/7 but do you put anytime into practicing HOW you breathe? Well I think you should…👍 — The big problem when your breathing is out, everything else is out. Breathe incorrectly and your whole body has to find another way to stabilise your torso.😅 — Does lower back pain sound familiar? tight hips maybe? Or Jammed up shoulders? These are just some of the many ways your body compensates. — It’s a huge problem among… well the majority of the people I see. This is one of my favourite ways to teach the correct way of breathing (into your belly). — Add this into the start of your workouts… you’ll feel calmer and get more out of your sessions… trust me!🤗 — 🤓Key Tips: + Lie on your back with your feet raised up on a wall or chair so your knees are bent to 90 degrees (this will keep you lower back flat on the floor) + Place a weight plate (2.5-5 Kg) on your belly and practice breathing into the weight and pushing it up (without breathing into your chest + Try to push the plate up as you breath out too – (this is pretty hard) + Then put your hands on the sides of your belly and as you breath in push against your hands AND the plate at the same time

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