My shoulder pain

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I went to the gym and started a warm-up set with just the bar for bench press.

My shoulder felt nothing like it was before my injury, in fact, I was getting a different kind of pain now in the front of my shoulder from just pressing 20kgs?!

I felt so angry and frustrated thinking all those weeks of therapy did nothing for me!

Prior to this, my shoulder felt like it was finally getting better after only a few weeks seeing a Chiropractor.

I took a few weeks off the gym to give it enough rest. The pain was gone, so it was time to get back to the gym and train just like I was before I had got injured.

Oh, how I was so wrong!

After the pain returned I thought that maybe this Chiro wasn’t doing a good job, so I switched to a different one.

I started feeling better, went back to the gym and…BAM the pain and discomfort came back! So i thought, maybe chiropractic isn’t for me…

So I tried physio and the same friggin thing happened! Can you guess what I tried next?

I found a good trainer.

The problem wasn’t because physio and chiropractic doesn’t work or even that the therapist was doing a bad job.

There was just a huge gap between me getting out of pain and discomfort and me returning to the gym.

That’s where getting over an injury is actually hard work, I had to change the way I was lifting in the gym, the way I was standing, and the way I looked at rehab in general.

It was like changing your diet to lose weight, I had some bad habits of eating the wrong foods that had to be changed… that’s what caused my injuries, bad habits.

And like changing my diet I felt an immediate difference.

Don’t expect to just get better by lying on the massage table alone.

You’ve got to make long-lasting changes and work hard and consistently to get back what you’ve lost.

No one ever lost weight by just dieting one day a week.