Bodyweight training gainz

By April 22, 2020April 26th, 2020No Comments

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can’t get good gainz from training at home with your own bodyweight and very little equipment.

I love strength training, but every so often I come back to bodyweight or gymnastic strength training to get good at the basics and build on some fun new skills.

With training like this is it’s less about how many reps or how much weight you can lift.

It shifts your focus towards building better skills as that is usually the end goal.

So, for instance, getting a 30sec  handstand is a lot like hitting a goal of benching say 100kgs…it just requires a different style of training and mindset.

So if you’re struggling to motivate yourself with your home workouts try shifting your focus away from how many reps and amount of weight and focus on building a skill or a move you’ve always wanted to be able to do.

Something like a good solid push up, handstand against the wall, or even a cartwheel or somersault could be a good start!

Adjust to what your environment allows and make the most of it!