Why I started Adam – Movement Therapy

By April 30, 2020No Comments

I may not have abs of steel, biceps bigger than your head, have a Ryderwear sponsorship or even a full head of hair!

And I mean no disrespect to those people who have all the above! Heck deep down I’d love to have a full head of hair.

All I really have is the knowledge I’ve collected from many years of heartache, disappointments and anger from being in pain and discomfort for a big part of my 20’s, which was a result of poorly executed training in the gym.

I could have easily avoided all this bullshit if I just made a few changes early on, but I just didn’t know any better.

That’s why Adam – Movement Therapy even exists…

It’s there to help people just like you and the old me.

It’s there to show people that it is possible to make a come back after years of aches and pains and return stronger and more confident than ever!

It’s there to prevent people like yourself from making those stupid mistakes in the gym just like I did.

If you do anything, either do your research, get help, or both and get it right the first time.

You’ll save so much time and heartache.