6 minute shoulder mobility routine (follow along)

By May 15, 2020No Comments

I’ve made another great mobility routine.

This one focusses on getting those shoulders nice and limber before you workout or as just a daily routine you can do to decrease your shoulder stiffness.

In this video I include not only some great active stretching for your shoulder but also your T-spine, which is super important!

The T-spine is the gatekeeper to shoulder mobility.

If you can’t keep your back nice and upright, you have very little chance in reaching overhead and getting the mobility you desire.

When you add some T-spine mobilising into your routine you’ll see a huge benefit to your shoulder mobility, trust me I see this all the time with all the jammed up shoulders that come into my gym in Adelaide.

If you feel like you need a lot more work on your T-spine, be sure to check out my video on just that below.


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