Top 3 exercises to keep your shoulders healthy and pain free

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A sore shoulder can really have a dampener on your workouts and life!

I’ve had many issues with both of mine, but I’m happy after a lot of hard work and time they are both not a problem anymore and yes these are just some of the exercises that got me and my clients in Adelaide partway there. 

The important thing you need to know about shoulders is that they really like it when your posture doesn’t get in the way and you can stand nice and tall. 

That’s why the first exercise I go through deals with that issue by helping to loosen up your T-spine. 

Your shoulders just have such a hard time moving when you’re in that slumped caveman posture, so make sure you deal with it before you start blaming your shoulders are the whole reason you can’t reach the top of the pantry without feeling jammed up and in pain.

The next two focus on teaching you how to use your shoulders in a way that will feel better and be more stable, this way you can lift more weight in the long run and avoid injury in the future. 

If you’re having issues or just want to build more healthy and mobile shoulders add a few sets of any of these 3 and you will feel the difference in your workouts.

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