Squatting with lower back pain

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Lower back pain in squats or heck just in general is enough to ruin the majority of your workouts and stop you from making gainz.

It doesn’t have to be that way though, with these techniques, exercises, and drills you’ll be sure to get ahead and start squatting in no time!

The best way to stop back pain when squatting is to teach your body that it’s ok and it doesn’t need to freak out when you’re doing it.

Your nervous system is just a little scared that you’ll snap something up, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because that is easily fixable over time.

Just by drilling down how you do your squat and cleaning up some of your technique can really do the trick.

What the techniques and drills in this video help you to do is get your glute and core to activate more during your squat.

If your glutes and core are on like crazy in general, that screams stability and safety to your body, and if it feels safe, your body has very little reason to start ringing those alarms bells.

Take the time, do the work and you’ll beat your back pain just like I did and many of my clients in Adelaide.

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