Top 3 hip mobility exercises

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Some people have hips that feel tight, others have hips that are actually jammed up. 

What do I mean by this?

Some of us out there can have the flexibility in our hips, eg we can pull our leg up to our head. But we get all jammed up when we go for a deep squat. 

Others though would only dream of getting there leg that high even with the help of a band or anyone for that matter.

If you fall into either category these 3 exercises will help you. If you’re the first person who already has the flexibility but gets jammed up in your squat the last exercise will be the most beneficial for you. 

Though if you’re that real jammed up type guy, sorry but your gonna have to do all three!

Either way, these 3 exercises will help you open up your hips and have you feel nice and limber and even give you that feeling of space in your hip crease…

now would that be nice?!

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