3 ways to get lower back pain relief

By June 3, 2020No Comments

Lower back pain can be the worst, It’s just so hard to avoid something that is involved in your life so much.

Sitting, standing, walking. Moving or not Lower back pain can come up when you really don’t want it, so what do you do when it does? 

I’ve come up with 3 ways you can do this using a foam roller and a chair, so it won’t break the bank or even eat up all your time to give you that much-needed relief so you can get on with your workday or workout.

Back pain isn’t something you just want to ignore.

Don’t let it grow into something worse than it needs to be or let the pain ruin your day, you don’t have to!

Try these 3 ways before your workouts so you feel good and start to feel better during your workouts.

But don’t get too caught with some of these, the best thing is to get a bit of relief and then get moving in your workouts and start building strength and confidence in your and back. 

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