Does pain mean damage?

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Pain is not as horrific as you think!

Pain science shows your pain will decrease the more you know about your pain and why it happens, so you might experience less pain after watching this video!

Pain does not always equal damage

If pain always meant you were damaged why is it when you get a burn – pain is gone after its fully healed. If this was true your burn would keep hurting until its fully healed.

Pain is there to primarily protect you from damaging your body in the first place 
or stop you from further damaging your body after injury.

Pain can be a blessing and a curse at the same time
, it keeps you out of trouble by making you think twice about going for that 100kg 1RM when you know you can only lift 80kg.

Its the fear of pain that stops you.

Though sometimes we can be over cautious and pain impacts our lives where we don’t need it. Ever had an anxiety attack? they aren’t that useful most of the time!

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