3 ways to get sore feet relief

By June 14, 2020No Comments

Having sore feet can really stop you from well… using them.

But rest isn’t as beneficial as you think, you’re better off giving you feet some much needed TLC and work on some sore spots you might have brewing beneath you so that you can keep moving.

All you need is a stick and a ball and you’re all set, this will give you some much-needed relief without breaking the bank or eating up all your time.

In this video, I show you 2 great ways to use these two things to massage your feet and 1 way to show how releasing your calves can actually affect on how your feet feel.

So if you’re feet are feeling extra sore today, what are you waiting for!? Give them some TLC with the 3 techniques I show in the video. 

WATCH: 3 Ways To Get Sore Feet Relief

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