Why am I always injured?

By June 22, 2020No Comments

Injuries happen to all of us for many reasons.

There is no one all and be all reason for it, but there is a reason why I think most people get injured and always have a hard time overcoming them too.

What’s the biggest reason people get injured? 

You’ll have to watch to find out.

How many times have you come up worse for wear simply because you’ve tried to keep up with the person next to you or tried to lift a weight that you haven’t lifted in years to please your ego?

It’s gotta stop!

Know when you pull back your training and not ignore the signs your body needs work or rest.

But also know when your body is ready to be pushed and gainz are to be made.

It’s a fine art that will take a lifetime to learn.

But you can learn either the hard way or the easy way… the easy way is always better if you give your self the option.

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