Touch your toes using only 3 exercises (no stretching)

By June 25, 2020No Comments

A lot of the advice we’re given when we want to touch our toes is, you gotta stretch the hamstrings.

Sure this will get us closer to our feet but it’s usually not for a very long time and your body reverts back to its old tight self within hours.

Stretching can help.

But it’s not the one thing that’s going to keep you to touch your toes forever.

Rather than focussing too much on loosening up the muscles behind you (Hamstrings, Back, calves).

What if we flipped the script and started to focus on the muscles that need to be contracted (mainly your core).

This is called the agonist and antagonist relationship.

For one muscle to contract another muscle must relax, otherwise, you’ve got two muscles pulling you into two different directions which results in you feeling tight AF.

By focussing on your core you’ll be amazed at the results you can get without even stretching those poor tight hammies.

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