STOP Pull Up Shoulder Pain (With This One Exercise)

By July 13, 2020No Comments

Let’s face it pull-ups are hard to get.

And what can make them even harder is if they cause you shoulder pain.

I see a lot of people rushing through pull-ups just so they can get one at all costs, even if that means at the cost of there shoulders.

It’s not the way to go, not only will you sacrifice your form and shoulder health but also you’re sacrificing your performance too.

You can’t just choose which one because they both go hand in hand.

The key is to nail how you start your pull up.

The thing is most people start their pull up in a crappy way with shoulders all shrugged up and up in there ears.

Spend a little more time on the exercise I show in the video and I can pretty much guarantee your shoulder pain will lessen over time.

And you’ll be able to push out more pull-ups too.

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