How To Do A KB Swing (Not a Squat Swing)

By September 2, 2020No Comments

Kettlebell swings can tough to get your head around.

Is it ok to let your knees come forward and feel it in your quads and back, or do you want to utilise your posterior chain ie (hamstring and glutes) more by pushing your hips back?

Both are fine.

Most of the time people want to use a Kettlebell swing to get their hamstrings and glutes firing.

But they end up using their quads and lower back which looks like a squat instead of a hip hinge swing.

So today I’ll go through how you can turn your squatty swing into a more conventional Kettlebell swing, which is a lot more like a conventional Deadlift or RDL.

Haven’t quite mastered the RDL and/or Deadlift?

That’s ok because I’ll show you just how to progress without themand go from a squatty swing to a hingey swing within just a few drills.


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