3 Functional Core Exercises You Don’t Know

By September 7, 2020No Comments

We’ve all trained our core doing sit-ups, crunches, side crunches, bicycles, and Russian twists right?

But all these ab exercises are doing just that, just exercising the muscle in our stomach.

In other words, they isolate the different muscles of our core very well.

But here’s the thing, in real life isolating our core doesn’t really make much sense.

You can do all the sit-ups, crunches, and bicycles you want will they transfer to making your gym lifts any better?

Well, not as much as you would think.

Sure working different parts of your core in isolation can help to build bigger muscles in that area and some endurance too and a little bit of strength.

But when you’re doing bigger lifts your body is using its core with a whole bunch of other muscles at the same time.

So it’s a good idea to train your core much the same way it would work in your bigger lifts.

It just makes more sense to your body and has more transfer to other areas of your life and lifting.

Here are my 3 most favourite ways to do just that.


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