Injury Rehab and The Performance Pyramid

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Injury Rehab isn’t just about getting out of pain, it’s also about increasing your performance.

Sure when you’ve got an injury all you want to do is get out of pain and move on.

But a key element to rehab is returning to what you love eg the gym or field.

But the funny thing is, for you to progress through your rehab you have to complete it by performing without no issue, otherwise, the pain and issue will just come roaring back!

That’s what the Ideal Performance Pyramid illustrates.

Before you go back to the challenges of daily living or your chosen sport or the gym.

You have to make sure that your body is capable of dealing with that kind of stress.

That means Improving your mobility, stability, and overall movement quality but building performance on top of that.

This way your body can take on the things that challenge it on a daily basis.

This might be lifting heavy things in the gym or at work, or hauling a bag of groceries across the car park or chasing the kids across the front lawn!

This is a very important step in the rehab process.

If you miss it you’re doomed to repeat the whole process many more times again in the future with unresolved injuries.

It saves my clients time and money.

WATCH: Injury Rehab and The Performance Pyramid

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