Why Your Old Injury Pain Always Comes Back

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Old injuries are an absolute pain.

You’ve probably been through all the rehab methods, physio, chiro, massage therapy.

Spending plenty of cash and time to get yourself out of pain.

And then after you stop these therapies, it comes back!


This is something I experienced with my barrage of injuries in my 20’s.

It was a depressing, painful, and disappointing part of my life…that lasted for way too long – more than a few years.

The reason wasn’t that the health professionals weren’t doing their job properly…well at least most of them.

The problem was that I and they were way too focused on getting rid of my pain and not enough on keeping me out of pain.

Sure I got plenty of relief from the sessions with my therapists.

But no one was there watching me in the gym to pick up on all the mistakes I was making.

I thought I was going there to get strong and healthy but instead, I was effectively undoing all my therapist’s hard work.

This led me down the road of seeing (what it feels like) half the therapists in Adelaide, thinking that it was their problem.

But it wasn’t until I found a good personal trainer that I started to get pain relief that lasted.

So how did they do it? well, it’s pretty similar to what I do for my clients now.

Except I call it the NAIL It Approach.

In this video, I run through just how I use it day in, day out to help my clients in Adelaide return to the gym and stay there.

WATCH: Why Your Old Injury Pain Always Comes Back

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