3 Core Exercises For Back Pain

By November 10, 2020No Comments

If you’ve got back pain, you’ve probably been told that you need some core exercises.

Sure that’s a great idea!

But there are plenty of exercises on the internet you’ll find that might be just a bit hard for you right now.

Because they could make your back pain feel even worse.

That’s why I’ve come up with 3 of my most favourite core exercises for back pain.

Each of these are great starting points if you’ve got back pain now or are just getting over your back pain and want to start strengthening your core.

Twisting, and flexing your spine might be a bit too much for you at this point.

So trying something that will still work your core but not cause too much stress on your back is key.

You’ve just got to start small and then gradually increase the difficulty and you’ll eventually get back on your feet and progress.

Just don’t go any quicker than your body wants you to.

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