Reverse Lunge (Your Complete Guide)

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The Reverse Lunge is my favourite way to add single-leg work into my client’s programs.

It’s not as challenging as a forward or walking lunge and is more forgiving when it comes to technique and sensitive knees.

But still, a lot of people have trouble with it.

If you don’t pay attention or add on too much weight you can start looking like a baby giraffe learning to walking for the very first time…. I’ve seen it all before!

Make sure you know how to stabilise your hips and shoulders before you take that first step.

Otherwise, you could make a few common mistakes I see. Knees folding inwards, overarching your lower back or shrugging your shoulders to hold the weight.

You don’t need to make these mistakes. The key is to be mindful of how you’re doing it before you load it.

Think about screwing your feet into the floor to stabilises your hips.

Think about wrapping your shoulders around you to stabilise your shoulders.

If you’re bending your knee over your toes you probably need to lean forward a bit with your torso.

If your knees are at 90 degrees then your torso will be a bit more upright.

If you want to get the most out of your Reverse Lunge I suggest you think about these cues and tips and change them.

Or at least be a bit more mindful with you positions.

Especially if you’re having pain and issue.


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