Trap Bar Deadlift (Your Complete Guide)

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The Trap Bar Deadlift is great for so many reasons!

It’s kinda like a squat and kinda like a deadlift, it sits somewhere in between.

But really, it’s much more of a Deadlift style of movement and a great alternative to conventional deadlifting.

The Trap bar has a lot of advantages.

1. It’s easier to perform than a conventional deadlift.

The handles sit to the side of you putting your center of mass over your arches and not in front of the bar.

This makes the movement feel much more natural and easier to understand and perform.


2. It’s easier on your back.

Because the handles are by your side and higher you’ll find you can keep your torso much more upright like you almost would in a front squat.

This takes a tonne of pressure off your lower back and makes it easier to keep your lower back and upper back in neutral.


3. It’s easier on your hips.

The conventional Deadlift can be a tight squeeze for most because it demands that you sit back into your hips.

Because you have the option to grab the higher handles, this gives you a bit more wiggle room if you have trouble with hip mobility.


4. It gives you a break from conventional deadlifts.

If you find that you’re getting a bit sick of hitting deadlifts or you’re starting to feel a bit worn out by them.

Switching to the Trap bar can be a great way to deload some of your joints and muscles and return back to the deadlift without losing any strength or technique.


5. It’s great for athletes.

The Trap bar deadlift allows you to load a position that you spend much of your time in on the field in most sports.

This can transfer to movements like jumping, turning, and cutting in your current sport.

In other words, it will increase your strength and performance.


If you have no aspirations to compete in a powerlifting comp or learning how to deadlift the Trap bar deadlift is the best way to go.

You’ll still get stronger and build muscle but without the difficulty and stress of the conventional deadlift.

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