How to Get Your First Shrimp Squat

By December 15, 2020No Comments

Don’t know what a Shrimp Squat is?

It’s a different version of a pistol squat.. and if you don’t know what that is, It’s an ATG single-leg squat.

I wanted to make a video on this because it’s not very common that you see people doing this move in Anytime fitness or at Derrimuts.

The shrimp squat challenges both your ankle mobility and hip mobility to the max.

So if you can do one of these you have mad respect from not only me but everyone that’s around you in the gym.

But if you’re new to this move and your hip and ankle mobility isn’t the best, you need to take it slow.

Start your Shrimp Squat progression by not only giving your hips and ankle mobility a break but also your quads.

If you’re used to just squatting with two feet (like most of us).

Then starting with an easier progression and with some assistance can go a long way.

If you jump into it too quickly and at the wrong progression you could end up hurting yourself.

Or even worse give up because you realise how far away you are from completing you’re very first full Shrimp squat!

Take it slow, use the correct progressions that suits you.

And trust me you’re much better off spending too much time on the easier progressions and kicking butt.

Otherwise, the alternative is getting your butt kicked by the progressions that are way too hard.

Take your time.

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