How To Use A Massage Gun

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You’ve probably just bought a massage gun or received one as a gift for Christmas.

But do you have any idea how to use this thing and all its connections?

Don’t worry I’ll explain.

These are a great quick and easy way to help you to relieve some tight muscles, trigger points, and any painful spots you might have from your training or your job.

They are an excellent tool… if you know how to use them.

I recommend using massage guns pre-workout the most.

It’s a good way to gain some extra mobility to rid yourself of any pain and niggles so you can get on with your workouts.

You can also use massage guns as a great recovery tool to lessen some discomfort you might have from a new workout schedule and ended up with some delayed onset muscle soreness.

Sorry but it’s not going to prevent you from ever getting sore from the gym or help you break up adhesions or scar tissue.

Seriously though, you need a huge amount of force to break up scar and muscle tissue.

What it will do is get your body feeling like it should, pain-free.

Much like a foam roller or trigger ball, Its effects are temporary but still useful in the short term.

So don’t waste any more than 10 minutes of your time before your session, otherwise, you’ll be eating into your ever so precious workout time.

That’s where long term gains are found.


Massage Gun used: Renpho R3 Mini

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