Single-Leg RDL (Your Complete Guide)

By January 18, 2021No Comments

The Single-Leg RDL to be honest can be a real pain in the butt to master!

When you first try this exercise you either feel like a baby giraffe or Bambi going for her first walk… I’d recommend trying this not when everyone is looking at you.

But the Single-Leg RDL is a great exercise that is often neglected because it’s a lot harder to get than other single-leg exercises like Bulgarian split squats, lunge, or standard split squats.

Single leg exercises and their variations are great to help with leg asymmetries and increasing balance and mobility.

There are a few mistake people make though:

1. Your hips aren’t square to the floor.
You compensate by opening up your hips and losing tension in your hamstring and glutes.

2. Your back isn’t in neutral
Your back rounds and you’ve turned this into a lower back exercise leaving you wondering why your butt and hamstrings are left untouched.

3. You don’t have control over your knee
Your Single-Leg RDL looks a lot more like a Single Leg half squat and you’re not sitting back into your hips enough.

If you think you have trouble with any of the above problems this complete guide to the Single Leg RDL is going to be a massive help.

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