Best Rowing Machine: Concept 2 Vs Freeform R2000

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When buying a rower one must ask only one question.

Should I buy a Concept 2 or not?

I thought the answer was a resounding yes…until I found the Freefrom R2000.

These two rowing machines are extremely similar.

Yes, I know the Freeform R2000 looks almost identical and has pretty much ripped off Concept 2, but who is complaining?

The Freeform R2000 has got all the same features you would expect in a good rower.

Nice strong hardware, that looks and feels great, electronic to track everything you need when rowing, a great feel, and can be easily stored upright in your gym or house (assuming you have high ceilings).

But does it stack up to the Concept 2?

I’m not keeping any secrets, I think it does.

It’s like a Concept 2 but with a smaller price tag.

Check out the full review and I’ll show you just why.


If you think the Freeform R2000 beats the Concept 2 as I do. You can purchase it using the link below:

Freeform R2000


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