Renpho Mini Massage Gun Review

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Today I’m reviewing the Renpho Mini massage gun.

Which is a smaller more pocket-size version of the R3 Mini Massage Gun.

I’ve been using massage guns for over a year now and I can say now.

I’m a convert!

I’m really happy how companies like Renpho have managed to produce massage guns that are both powerful and affordable.

These can definitely be useful with all their different connections/settings and whatnot.

The Features: Is this massage gun powerful enough?

The Renpho Mini Massage Gun has up to 5 different power levels and the highest level is pretty impressive for such a pocket-sized gun.

The noise level is much quieter than any other gun I’ve tried.

It takes about 3 hours to fully charge, which will give you about 4 hours of use.

It also comes with all the head attachments that you would expect, eg ball, U-shaped, bullet, and air cushion.

All of which have their specific uses for certain parts of the body.

The Renpho Mini Massage Gun has a super sleek design and just looks damn good for the money it costs.

It’s even got a lace that ties around your wrist so you don’t ever drop it!

However, it all depends on what you want to use them for and how much you’re willing to spend.

I feel like this gun provides pretty good value for the price.

I’m a Personal trainer in Adelaide, I deal with a lot of clients with past injuries like back pain and shoulder pain.

Helping with injuries is kinda my thing!

I’ve found massage guns to be a great tool to use if I need to help relieve some soreness for my clients before and after their sessions.

But since getting a hold of this smaller gun I’m finding I’ve been using it a lot more on myself while watching TV at night.

This thing is so quiet that your partner, kids or significant other won’t be disrupted or annoyed if you use it right next to them while watching the next episode of your favourite show.

Overall I feel like this was a great addition to my house and recovery regimen.

Check out my video full review and see what you think.

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Renpho Mini Massage Gun

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