Animal Flow: Crab Reach

By May 11, 2021No Comments

The Crab reach is another great Animal Flow Movement.

I would consider it to be one of the hardest moves out of all of them.

I think this mainly because it challenges your hip and Thoracic spine mobility to the absolute max, not to mention your arm strength too!

So watch out if you are a beginner!

There are a few key mistakes that people make when first trying this move though.

One is not having enough mobility in their Thoracic spine and or hips.

That’s why I recommend starting with a few easier progressions and building from there in the video.

If you’re still finding your body is just way too jammed up for this move, check out my T-spine foam rolling video.

So make sure to loosen up that back before you give it another crack.

Have fun!

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