Habit Stacking for Diet and Exercise | Chris Sedsy Seddon | The Movement Therapy Podcast | #02

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In this episode I speak with Adelaide-based PT Chris Sedsy Seddon.

A competitive bodybuilder (Men’s Physique) and powerlifter who as a teenager, had always aspired to become a musician or join the fitness industry.

Chris, who was always active in team sports, found a love for resistance training and bodybuilding aged just shy of 17.

Tragedy and grief struck around this time which led to a downward spiral in Chris’ mental health – this is where the importance of music and fitness in his life became clear.

Chris found that there was so much uninformed ‘bro-science’ and misinformation out there regarding training & nutrition. And so through trial & error he figured out what was safe, what worked, and what would end up causing him serious injury or metabolic damage.

Some years later Chris would finally enter the health & fitness industry as a personal trainer on a mission to spread a positive message and education on movement, mindfulness & nutrition.

This passion led to becoming accredited as a Sports Nutritionist to widen his scope to facilitate change through nutritional interventions and mindset/behaviour coaching – the areas which he believes have the greatest potential to deliver value.

I hope you enjoy!



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