How to Fix Shoulder Pain and Impingement

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If you have shoulder pain or experience a pinch in the front of your shoulder you might have been told that you have Anterior shoulder impingement.

Basically, this means you’ve got pain in the front of your shoulder.

Impingement means there is less space in a joint than usual. Usually, we are given the visual of a bone smashing into a tendon or other structures but to be honest, we don’t really know if that this is actually happening.

In this video, I show you a test to see if you might have shoulder impingement.

This test is great because you have something that will make your symptoms worse so that when you test it after you can clearly understand if the gets better or not.

If you get a positive on the test, there could be many reasons why.

You could have quite rounded shoulders, eg a tight t-spine, tight Pecs, and or tight Lats.

Or it could be that your shoulder lacks stability and moves too far forward in the shoulder capsule causing pain/discomfort.

In this video, I’ll show you how to work on your shoulder if you have a stability issue.

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