Top 3 Squat Alternatives For Back Pain

By September 2, 2022No Comments

Do you love Squats? But you’ve been having some back pain that gets worse whenever you do them?

There are some great alternatives to Squats that won’t make your back pain worse.

I’ve chosen each of these squat alternatives for different reasons.

One is an easier version of the squat.

One is like a back squat but at a very different angle making it a lot easier on your back.

and the last one requires you to really use your core.

Each has its uses in different situations.

You just have to figure out which one works best for you and slowly progress yourself.

So start light and work your way up to a respectable weight and start to branch out to other exercises from there.

Back pain is a long game.

Just remember though, don’t go the rest of your life avoiding the things like the back squat that causes you pain.

Start small and work your way back to where you used to be before the pain.

You can only really beat back pain if you can do the things without pain that once did.

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