How to Fix Back of Knee Pain

By April 28, 2023No Comments

Back of knee pain can be a frustrating issue, especially when it hinders everyday activities like touching your toes or bending your knees. However, it’s important to note that it’s often the muscles around the knee that are tight and pulling on the joint, rather than the knee itself.

In this video, we’ll focus on the popliteus muscle – a crucial muscle that connects to the knee – to address the pain and tightness behind the knee. But we won’t stop there. We’ll also tackle the root cause of the problem by addressing ankle mobility, which is often limited by tight calves.

To start, we’ll roll out your calves and increase ankle mobility through dorsi flexion exercises, which will not only loosen the knee but also stretch out your calves. Then, we’ll move into a forward-leaning lunge, where you’ll place your toe over your knee, further promoting ankle mobility.

By following these exercises, you’ll feel a noticeable improvement in knee and ankle mobility, making it easier to move around and achieve greater flexibility without experiencing the discomfort of back of knee pain.


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