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Why I started this.

I help everyday athletes recover from injury and return to the gym.

For no good reason (I knew) injuries of all sorts plagued my body and life in my early 20’s… it was my dark little secret I had to live with for many years.

It took me way too damn long to finally get better and get to a stage where I no longer had to worry about where my next bout of pain and discomfort was going to rear its ugly head on my broken body.

It took me many years to fully recover from every issue that my body would come up with, this is where I learnt (the hard and expensive way) what does and doesn’t work when it comes to rehab.

I understand all too much just how depressing and frustrating an injury that just won’t go away can be.

That’s why I’ve spent well over 6 years both as a patient (of many health professionals) and a personal trainer learning the most efficient and effective ways to help everyday athletes recover from injury and return to gym or field feeling stronger and better than before.


  • 2019 - Rehab & Performance With Dr D. Kirkbride

  • 2019 - RP-DTR Intermediate

  • 2017 - P-DTR Foundations

  • 2017 - Strength For Life (Over 50s Fitness)

  • 2016 - FMG Functional Assess, Treatment+Training

  • 2016 - DNS Exercise Part I

  • 2015 - FMS Level 1 And 2

  • 2014 - Certificate 3 And 4 In Fitness

“Pain free since Adam Movement Therapy. Legit give the guy a go if you’re struggling with a niggling injury. He’ll sort it out 😁”

One of the many reasons Miki  came to me was he wanted more shoulder mobility, increase his bodyweight control and fix up a few little niggles he had going on with his body (elbow and knee).

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